Cruella 2 will rise! When is the next part of the movie with Emma Stone?

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Cruell’s film directed by Craig Gillespie is another production depicting the character of the demon Cruella de Vil from the pages of the novel 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. This time, however, we had the opportunity to learn about Cruella’s fate before she became an icon of the fashion world, obsessed with the desire to create a fur out of spotted dogs. The film was released on May 28, 2021, and on the same day it also premiered on the Disney + platform, which is not yet available in Poland.

Cruella met with a very warm reception both by viewers and film critics. A lot is said about the film in the context of the upcoming Oscars – mainly due to the costumes for which Jenny Beavan, nominated for this award, is responsible for ten times. No wonder that just a few months after Cruella’s premiere, it was officially confirmed that the film will be continued.

Cruella 2 will rise! When is the next part of the movie with Emma Stone?

According to Deadline, Emma Stone, who plays the role of the main character, has already signed a contract with Disney for Cruella’s second part. The film, which was simultaneously distributed in cinemas and on the Disney + platform, earned enough for the creators to decide to continue. Speculations that the next part of Cruella will be made have appeared since the premiere of the first part – especially taking into account the fairly open ending of the film. So far, it is only known that the same director will be behind the camera. The premiere of the film is planned for 2023. It is not yet known whether it will take place both in cinemas and in streaming. If the production also went to Disney +, Polish viewers will probably also be able to watch it on this platform – the website is to start operating on the Polish market in 2022.

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