Cruella – excerpt from a Disney movie with Emma Stone

Disney has published a scene from the movie “Cruella” – the actor’s prequel to “101 Dalmatians”. How did Emma Stone fare in the role of Cruella De Mon?

He appeared on the web fragment of the movie scene “Cruella” – the upcoming Disney acting production starring Emma Stone as the title antagonist known for her animation “101 Dalmatians”. How does the actress look in the new creation?

“Cruella” – fragment of the Disney movie with Emma Stone

For the few years Disney brings to life new acting versions famous animations from years ago. However, it does not end with remakes, because sometimes the creators try expand the story of a specific character from classic Disney fairy tales, creating various types of spin-offs.

And one of them is precisely “Cruella”, that is, a story about how a young fashion enthusiast, she has become a demonic snob who wants to produce fur from the skins of 101 Dalmatians. The premiere of the film about the young Cruella De Mon is getting closer, so it appeared on the web fragment of the scene showing the eponymous heroine’s spectacular entry into the world of fashion.

According to the creators of “Cruell”, it is supposed to resemble “The Joker” a bit, just like in the Oscar-winning blockbuster Warner Bros., we will deal with the story of Fr. a character who is underestimated by the world, who undergoes a radical metamorphosis and walks towards darkness.

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Cruella - a frame from the film

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“Cruella” – when is the premiere of the Disney movie?

The director of the movie is Craig Gillespie. In addition to Stone, they starred Emma Thompson, Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, and Emily Beecham. The film will debut in the USA May 28, 2021 at an additional cost on Disney +. We will be able to watch “Cruella” in Poland from May 29 in cinemas.
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