“Cruella”: Where did Emma Stone practice diabolical laughter?

“Practicing laughter … I couldn’t do this in front of others. It would be demeaning for me. I perfected my diabolical laugh while I was in the shower. I did it when I was alone. Take a shower and try to do your version of the laugh and see if you’d like it.” to do in front of someone. It’s a terrible experience, “says Emma Stone in an interview with the British Daily Mirror.

The walls of the shower enclosure reflect sound well and there are favorable conditions for listening.

Apparently, one day Jon Anderson from the group Yes ordered to recreate the conditions in the bathroom in a recording studio. The technical team had to build a bathroom with shower in the studio. Anderson tried to recreate the amazing sound he got when he sang in the shower in the mornings.

Stone already knows how to act out a diabolical laugh. However, it is much easier for her to cry …

In the same interview, the actress admitted that when she was 20, she had a tendency to burst into tears when she met someone she had long admired. Such situations happened to her, among others when she met Diane Keaton or Steve Martin.

Crying was out of the question when Leonardo DiCaprio handed her the Oscar for Best Actress in 2017. For Stone, it was a surreal situation because as a teenager she was madly infatuated with the star “Titanic”.


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