Cruella will be back? Everything indicates that a sequel to the hit with Emma Stone will be created

“Cruella” with the sensational Emma Stone grossed a record $ 221 million worldwide. So no wonder we’ll see a sequel!

One of the hottest prime ministers of this year did not disappoint. Cruella directed by Craig Gillespie with Emma Stone in the title role it turned out to be a box office hit. The film broke financial records, and at the moment grossed over $ 221 million worldwide. In Poland, the film premiered on May 28.

“We are very pleased with the box-office success of Cruella,” a Disney spokesman told The Hollywood Report two weeks after its release. “The film was extremely well received by audiences around the world,” he added.

It is worth noting that both viewers and viewers, as well as reviewers and reviewers, received the film very well, sparing no words of admiration. No wonder then that it was said almost immediately that we would probably see the continuation of the film. It looks to be so!

Already in June, the first reports appeared that the sequel is probably already in the early stages of production and that director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Tony McNara are working on it again. Now the agent of Emma Stone has officially announced that the star has signed a contract with Disney and will play Cruella again!

We must admit that we could not have imagined a different scenario! The actress turned out to be sensational, although of course it was not possible without such voices that she is too delicate for such a demonic role. According to us (and not only), she managed to show her new face.

It is worth noting that Emma Stone had a high set of standards, because previously the excellent Glenn Close in the films played Cruella on the screen. 101 Dalmatians (1996) i 102 Dalmatians (year 2000).

Cruella is a prequel to the animated film One hundred and one Dalmatians, and the movie of the same name, in which she starred Glenn Close, creating an unforgettable role. IN Cruelli we can go with the title character to the 1970s, to London, where the action takes place. We observe how a rebellion is born in a young girl and she becomes an anti-heroine. Everything is kept in a very punk spirit.

The film is refined in terms of details. Our attention was particularly drawn to the stylizations of Emma Stone.

– This is the biggest project I have ever participated in. The amount of styling for Emma Stone was enormous. In total, the actress changed costumes 47 times, and Emma Thompson had a total of 33 outfits. Even Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser had 30 costumes each, said costume designer Jenny Beavan.

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