Cruise lands in Cannes: “Real cinema can be enjoyed in the hall” – Cinema

(ANSA) – CANNES, MAY 18 – What makes Tom Cruise an absolute star of the cinema for forty years, still so brilliant, so intact over time and not just to look back on a career with films that have marked generations such as Risky Business, Top Gun, The Color of Money, Rain Man, Mission Impossible but projected into the future? The question in the 60 minutes of the masterclass he held in Cannes, in the Debussy hall of the Palazzo del Cinema, in front of a thousand people, this afternoon, had various clear answers.

Dedication, perseverance, curiosity, courage and then more physicality, the desire to learn, not to sit on our laurels, to take risks. All characteristics he recounted with anecdotes – “I threw myself at 4 and fell ruining my face, I thought my mother wanted to kill me later” – quoting over and over again the crews, the cinematographers, the trainers, all the departments that are behind the making of a film to underline how “all-encompassing my commitment” is.

In the long clip that introduced the actor’s arrival – fresh out of the Top Gun: Maverick helicopter, like the film that brought him back to the Croisette exactly 40 years after the premiere, May 18, 1992, of Ron’s Rebel Hearts Howard – his entire career in 10 minutes, mainly made up of adrenaline-pumping films as well as arthouse films. With one glaring lack: a crucial film like Eyes Wide Shut, the latest film by Stanley Kubrick, appears in very few images without ever framing the co-star, at the time his wife, Nicole Kidman, from whom he divorced (perhaps for Scientology) just that. ‘year.

His career, said the 60-year-old actor, “is all love and passion for cinema. I always go to theaters when movies come out. I put on my cap and sit in the audience with everyone. I spent a lot of time. time with the owners of the rooms “. So on the platforms it is firmly decided: “It will never happen. I know how the industry works today, but when I make a film I make it for the big screen, my films are for the cinema, only there they can be appreciated”.