Cruz Azul: Juan Escobar will play alongside Martin Anselmi


Paraguay defender could face off against coach Cruz Azul These could be the reasons…

A conflict could break out between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi.
© IMAGO / @A_EsparzaOteoA conflict could break out between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi.

Cruz Azul is about to start his journey in the 2024 Mexican Liga Clausura Championship. Their new coach Martin Anselmi brought fresh ideas, raising expectations among locals and strangers alike. However, His stage will also feature the first internal conflict, starring Juan Escobar..

In this year’s winter transfer market, Maquina Cement Plant hired a number of players, including central defenders such as Gonzalo Piovi.The advent of this competitiveness has given rise to Tensions over who will be the starting center back in the back four DT can be formed.

This tension plays out in the final hours of a given event. According to Adrián Esparza Oteo on his X account (formerly Twitter), This Tuesday at the La Noria facility there will be a confrontation between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi.

What happened between Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi?

According to TUDN journalists who cover daily life at La Noria, the conflict was sparked by the following facts: Paraguayans cannot guarantee ownership In the Argentinian’s favorite lineup.

Juan Escobar and Martin Anselmi got into an argument on the Ferris wheel on Tuesday. The reason was that the Paraguayan ownership was apparently in jeopardy due to internal competition, a situation that caused the captain of the aircraft annoyance.Esparza said on his social networks.

The tweets that exposed the Escobar-Anselmi conflict. (@A_Esparzaoteo)

If Juan Escobar is the replacement, who will replace him?

Considering the hypothetical replacement for Juan Escobar and taking into account the 4 lines of defense that Martin Anselmi will use, Who can play as right center back is Willer Ditta, forming a backline with Gonzalo Piovi. Despite being unwell, the Colombian defender played an important role in the preliminary friendly matches.

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