Cryptocurrency chaos, yellow on investments. Now it is war between the members of the Nft di Silea

TREVISO – Cryptocurrency chaosis a clash between partners within the New Financial Technology Ltd by Silea. «We are ready to denounce Christian Visentin for alleged anomalies in the management of investments. We still need a few days to focus on the types of crime for which legal action will be taken against him ». The lawyer speaks from the Dubai office Emanuele Giullini, legal representative of the NFT as well as one of the three partners together with Mauro Rizzato, 55 and Christian Visentin, 46, all from Treviso. Giullin and Rizzato are part of the new governance which these days has tried to reassure the plethora of fibrillating investors for fear of losing the capital invested. The agitation had begun in recent days when customers received a communication from the company via e-mail: internal problems were announced in the electronic message and the intention to repay the capital paid with a repayment plan to be evaluated in the following days. No more rents, therefore. That was enough to trigger fears of seeing tens of thousands of euros go up in smoke. A collection of investments of 40 million euros. Beyond only two hundred cases in Treviso emerged so far, but the number seems destined to increase and in total there could be about six thousand customers.


The internal problems alluded to in the communication he threw in investors panic would be precisely in a exchange of governance: Visentin ousted from the role of co-CEO precisely to clarify his “not very clear” technical management. The company was founded in 2014 in Silea. But in a short time the registered office was transferred to London. Then two more offices were opened in Stockholm and Dubai. The company has branched out with a network of brokers in the main Italian cities in charge of making contracts on contracts. Visentin has always dealt with the technical part, which includes the management of the software used for investments, funds and customer wallets. “We need to clarify some anomalous circumstances, so we asked for an external accounting analysis and external legal support” – explains Giullini, who immediately ruled out the scam. The money to return to investors would be there, according to the company. What happened to Visentin? The shareholder excludes the hypothesis of escape: “He is available for the local authorities” – affirms the legal representative, who returns to reiterate his “firm intention of returning the entire capital”.


The company guaranteed yields of 10% per month thanks to an algorithm capable of scanning the market and identifying, from time to time, where to channel investments. At first everything seemed to be going well, with the annuity commitments met. Then the turning point. New Financial, in these days to stem fears and send positive signals, has made a proposal to its agitated clients. And he also reiterated this in the video meeting on Sunday. Two forms were sent to those who invested. By completing the first, the customer can ask for the total return of the invested capital; by choosing the latter instead, he has the possibility of requesting the return of a part of the capital, while the remaining portion would be invested again with the guarantee of the repayment in December but with an income of 180%. All thanks to the algorithm. A tempting proposition, but one that fearful and burned customers from the current block are taking with a grain of salt. The fear of finding oneself, in six months, with a fistful of flies in hand is very strong. After all, the company had been chatting for months: in the specialized sites, such as, already in May the activity of the company was highlighted, however highlighting some unclear aspects.

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