Crysis Remastered: Is the Release on PS4 Imminent? Here Is the Date

The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of Crysis Remastered have been postponed several months ago, without Crytek announcing a new launch date for the reinterpretation of the iconic FPS. While the Nintendo Switch version has already been on the market for several weeks, it seems that the release of the title also on PlayStation 4 is now upon us. To give an important clue is the new video on the PlayStation Access releases of the week.

Among the titles shown during the scarce five minutes of video, Crysis Remastered also appears. Not only are clips of the game shown, but it is also clearly mentioned that the title will arrive on PlayStation 4 starting next August 21st. It, therefore, seems that this Friday even the owners of the current generation Sony console will be able to return to visit the archipelago of the Lingshan Islands.

It should be noted, however, that for the moment Crytek has not formalized any launch date for Crysis Remastered on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The only confirmation comes only from the PlayStation Access channel, which however remains one of the official sources. Furthermore, it seems that the trophies of the title have already been found on PS4, another clue that suggests the imminent release on the Sony gaming platform.

So it seems that we are there, a few more days and according to PlayStation Access even PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get their hands on Crysis Remastered. We need to understand if the Xbox One and PC versions will suffer the same fate or if we will have to wait a little longer before playing the first Crysis even on those platforms. What do you think of this strong clue to the release of the remaster of the first Crysis? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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