Cuba confirms that the blockade hurts Americans too – Radio Sancti Spiritus

Cuba confirms blockade hurts Americans too
Photo: Latin Press

Cuba confirmed today that the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States also affects American citizens and businessmen.

On behalf of our country, we thank the North American congressmen who continue to promote the end of this criminal policy, which has severely harmed Cuban families for more than 60 years, publishes the Twitter website of the Caribbean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Did.

Last March, the international press reported that Democratic and Republican senators from the northern nation introduced a bill to lift the blockade on the island and create new business opportunities for private American companies.

The policy also limits Cuba’s ability to share its scientific and technological advances with the rest of the world, based on agreements for the exchange of knowledge and medical procedures with northern countries and other countries.

Cuban health scientists have recently recognized that if the embargo is lifted, the American people could have access to life-saving treatments being developed on the island, particularly against diseases such as diabetes.

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