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Agricultores (Cuba) will take on Vaqueros de Montería ( Colombia). Photo: Calixto N. Llanes/Periódico/JIT.

Colombia’s Sports Ministry and the country’s Olympic Committee on Tuesday finalized their stance on the upcoming 2024 Intercontinental Series in Barranquilla.

Due to its importance, cuba debate The content of the published statement is reproduced as follows:

The Ministry of Sports, as the supreme body of sports in Colombia, regulated by Law No. 181 of 1995 and Decree No. 1228 of 1995; and the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC), as the supreme governing body of relevant sports, are allowed to inform the public of the following information:

The Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series is a private invitational tournament hosted by Team Rentería USA on January 26, 2024 in the city of Barranquilla.

That said, it is not organized by the Colombian Baseball Federation and is not part of the calendar events of the World Baseball and Softball Federation, the only organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Likewise, we would like to inform you that the organizers of the Team Rentería USA event presented a financing proposal to the Ministry of Sports, but it was not feasible, emphasizing that co-financing projects must be proposed by the National Sports Federation of the Sports Federation, which this time did not happen.

We therefore inform that, to date, this event has not received funding from the Ministry of Sports, nor has it been endorsed by the Olympic Committee and the Colombian Baseball Federation, reiterating that in order to host this event, the current requirements established by the Colombian sports community must comply with legislation Require.

In addition, the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic Committee object to actions and demonstrations by the Cuban Professional Baseball Federation (FEPCUBE) that attempt to use the name, representatives and national symbols of the Republic of Cuba without their respective authorization. It has not been approved by the competent authorities of the country of origin and has not been approved by the Colombian government or the sports authorities of our country.

The use of these symbols will be interpreted as a clear violation of the constitutional and sporting rights of the Republic of Cuba.

Therefore, the Colombian government, represented by the Ministry of Sports, and the Colombian Olympic Committee fully and legally recognize the Cuban Baseball and Softball Federation.

(Excerpted from JIT)

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