Cuban detainee poses as inspector to defraud Havana fair

Authorities in Havana have arrested a woman who posed as a provincial inspector to defraud vendors at a fair.

Yanet Lázara Díaz Álvarez, whose identity card was published on Facebook by a spokesperson for the Provincial Inspectorate, was arrested in Mariano at the end of December on charges of deception and defrauding showgoers and soliciting money from them.

Photo: Facebook/Dip Communicator

According to sources, the Inspectorate discovered Díaz Alvarez at the exhibition, and at the time of the crime he was wearing a vest that originally belonged to a transport inspector, with the words “Inspectora DIS PROVINCIAL” written on it.

Photo: Facebook/Dip Communicator

As of 2021, DIS (formerly the abbreviation of the Integrated Inspectorate) no longer exists.

Photo: Facebook/Dip Communicator

“Through prompt joint action with the PNR, the citizen was brought to the Mariano Sixth Police Station and Complaint No. 99090/23 for the crime of appropriation of a public function was filed against her in accordance with article 19 of the Criminal Code,” Comment details.

Facebook Capture/Dip Communicator

There has been an increase in fraud cases during a time when the country is going through a severe economic crisis.

Last July, authorities arrested a Man used ID to impersonate provincial general bureau inspector Havana Directorate of Supervision and Control (DISC).

He was found to have committed “false identity documents and fraud,” the People’s Power City Council of central Havana said.

After being discovered, he was transferred to Zanja police station for processing.

Images posted by the source show photos of the moment of the arrest and the card used by the suspect.

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