Cuban immigrant dies en route to U.S.

Jennifer Tamayo, a young Cuban migrant who was advancing towards the southern border of the United States, died of natural causes in Mexico City over the weekend, relatives reported on social networks.

Her sister, Dayany Morales, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, published an article on Saturday advocating for her sister’s health.

Facebook screenshot/Dayany Tamayo Morales

However, On the same day, another publication confirmed the worst results.

Facebook screenshot/Dayany Tamayo Morales

“Today is a sad blow to me as I found out about your passing, friend. I still can’t believe it. Yanni, rest in peace, friend. I took care of you in Tapachula when you had the flu and I can’t be with you todaylamented a Cuban friend of the deceased on Facebook.

“I want to take away the wonderful memories of that chubby blonde who was happy and helpful. You are in heaven today. I only hope that the Lord has you in his divine glory,” he added.

Facebook Capture/Miladys Porro

“They said it was because his abdomen was swollen and fluid was leaking. According to them, he had fluid in his lungs.Miradis Polo responded in the comments section after being asked about the young woman’s cause of death.

Jennifer’s family has not yet provided details about the cause of Jennifer’s death.

city ​​government nature Kiharain the province HolguinJennifer Tamayo is the mother of two girls who were left behind in Cuba to be cared for by relatives. The young woman’s purpose was to come to America and give her daughters a better future.

Just three weeks ago, Jennifer Tamayo celebrated her birthday and received a huge congratulations from her sister online.

Facebook screenshot/Dayany Tamayo Morales

Unfortunately, before she could achieve her goal of reaching the United States, death surprised her, causing great pain to her family and friends.

Screenshot from Facebook/RodriguesLis PRdriguex

The family shared information asking for help paying for the cremation and repatriation of the young Cuban mother’s remains.

“Today I am going through a very difficult situation. As you may already know, I lost my daughter in Mexico. I need all of your help to cremate her and bring her back to Cuba. I am making this publication like this It just helps me,” his father, Israel Tamayo Cuesta, wrote on Facebook, offering information on how to help his family during this difficult time.

Facebook Capture/Dayany Tamayo

Unfortunately, there are several precedents, particularly in the past two years, of Cubans dying from different causes during overland journeys to U.S. soil.

In a recent case, another young Cuban 26 years old, identified as Nuirvys López QuiñonesHe died in a traffic accident at the end of 2023, which has become one of the most common causes of death during the Cuban immigrant journey.

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