Cuban immigrant makes a living selling ice cream in U.S.

A Cuban immigrant makes a living selling ice cream in the United States. His story went viral on different social networks. The entrepreneur’s daily routine takes him around the world via TikTok.Just on TikTok, Dairon Cano revealed an ice cream sales business founded by a Cuban woman in the United States. “Look, this Cuban woman you see here already has her business in the United States, her ice cream popsicles. Bless you and you will see that you succeed.”

The popular TikToker did not provide further details about who the protagonist of the story is, or what his business brand is. However, he encouraged her to pursue this new venture.

She, a mature woman, has become a model of entrepreneurship and Providing inspiration to many Kano fans on Tiktok.

Incidentally, his followers congratulated him for showing that Cubans are working hard to support their families in the United States.

Furthermore, their publications show that they work every day, do not fall into illegal activities, and strive for a better future every day.

Cuban Entrepreneurs in the United States

This is just one example of the many Cuban entrepreneurs living in the United States today. Everyone who arrives and has the financial means can start their own business. Then they even expanded their services to other cities.

Those who work for employers are also looking for alternatives to succeed in a country filled with opportunities. Official data shows that the largest number of Cubans have decided to settle in Florida. There are millions of Spanish speakers in the state, so the language isn’t holding it back.

Others try their luck in states in the north or west of the country for better rental prices and higher-paying job opportunities.

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