cultural worker, she was the companion of Andrea Cannavale

Naples in mourning, shocked and astonished by the death of Vincenza Donzelli, cultural worker and companion of Andrea Cannavale, son of the actor Enzo. The woman died following postpartum complications in a well-known private Neapolitan clinic.

The son is fine now, he weighs 4 kilos, but for the 43-year-old mother there was nothing to do. Many messages of condolence published on social networks by the shocked Neapolitans.

Vincenza Donzelli, the pain of the companion

The post of his companion, Andrea Cannavale, aroused immense emotion: “Have a good trip My beautiful Love … It was a privilege to have lived you, You have been an example of Life … I promise you that I will raise our son with your values ​​and with your purity of” soul. You made me live the best dream of my life. I will always love you ».

«We are shocked and saddened by the disappearance of Vincenza Donzelli. It is not possible to express in words what Vincenza represented for the whole family of the Bourbon Gallery. She is a friend and sister even before she is the sweet, kind, determined and combative soul of our Association. She is always present, always available, loved by anyone who has had the good fortune to meet her on their journey of life. You leave an unbridgeable void between us and throughout the city of Naples. We will never forget you and we will find a way to tangibly remember you in our “creature” that you loved so much and to which you dedicated the last working part of your life »said Gianluca Minin, president of the Underground Bourbon Association.

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