Cuprum won with Trefl and surpassed him in the table

Cuprum Lubin waited over a month for the victory, but in the end the volleyball players from Lubin added three points to their account. The Miedzi players defeated Trefl Gdańsk and it was a very important triumph, as it allowed Paweł Rusek’s players to jump over the volleyball players from Gdańsk in the table.

The opening of the meeting belonged to the inhabitants of Lubin, they successfully attacked Remigiusz Kapica and Marcin Waliński (6: 3). Good attack and punctual service Bartholomew Lipiński allowed the inhabitants of Gdańsk to catch point contact (10: 9). In the next actions Cuprum rebuilt the advantage, after Waliński’s ace it was already 13:10. The hosts did not manage to continue the effective game, on the other side he was gaining momentum Kewin Sasak.

When it was blocked Ferens, it was Trefl leading 14:13 and the coach asked for time Rusek. There were many interesting exchanges, but the players from Gdańsk played effectively on the net and the coach of Cuprum quickly intervened (15:18). The series at the licks Charles Urbanowicz permanent. Gierżot changed Kapica, however, he also had a problem with breaking through the rivals’ block (15:21). The crossing took place only after the block on Lipiński Street (4:22 PM). The ace was placed by Lipiński in the first set.

The hosts entered the second stage from the high stage, after Kapica’s counterattack they jumped 6: 2. The series of rivals was interrupted by an attack by Sasak. After playing through the middle David Guni the coach asked for time Winiarski (9: 4). In the following actions, the distance was maintained, and the guests did not avoid simple mistakes (13: 8). Waliński still did not hold back his hand in the attack (15: 9). The hosts’ game was also not without mistakes, coach Rusek used the break after an attack from a passing ball by Urbanowicz (16:11). Kapica had problems with ending the action and at 16:13 he was replaced by Gierżot. After the counterattack Matthew Miki the distance dropped to two mesh. Streak at licks Lukas Campy only ended with the quarterback’s error (16:14). Both teams did not give up, but the hosts remained in the lead (18:16). After an effective counterattack by Waliński, Michał Winiarski called the players to his side again (22:18). A triple block on Mice gave Cuprum set balls (24:19). The decisive point fell after Kapica’s counterattack.

The beginning of the third game was similar to the previous set. The inhabitants of Gdańsk made many mistakes, after Sasak’s unsuccessful attack, the coach of Trefl used the break (7: 2). At the score of 8: 2, there was a double change in the ranks of the visitors, Kozub and Wlazły entered the field. The visitors still did not take their chances (10: 3). With time, the situation on the pitch began to change, Urbanowicz played effectively on the net, and after Mariusz Wlazły’s counterattack, coach Rusek asked for time (12: 9). Kapica scored with variable luck (13:11). The attacker from Gdańsk was much more effective and Trefl caught contact with his rivals (14:13). It was only due to the effective attacks of Wojciech Ferens and Marcin Waliński that Cuprum rebuilt the advantage and the coach of Trefl asked for a second break in this installment (19:15). Later in the set, both teams did not avoid mistakes, especially in the service area (20:17). The guests did not give up, Paweł Rusek used the time at 22:19. Gdańsk residents due to attacks Bartholomew Mordyla and Mateusz Miki defended two set balls, but in the next action Lipiński sent the ball into the car.

After Lipiński’s spoiled play, Cuprum was already leading 7: 3 in the fourth installment. In the following actions, he successfully attacked Mika. When Ferens was stopped by the block, the hosts’ coach used the break (8: 7). Kapica’s attack and the block on Lipiński allowed the inhabitants of Lubin to rebuild their advantage (12: 9). In subsequent actions, the distance increased, after the block on Mika, Michał Winiarski intervened (15:11). Lipiński played more and more confidently on the net and the hosts did not avoid mistakes. After a strong play by Urbanowicz, Trefl reduced the distance to one point (18:17). Only a mistake in the service area of ​​Wlazły and ace Florian Krage allowed Cuprum to jump back at 21:18 and the last break in this set was used by Trefl’s coach. There were many mistakes in the ending (23:20). After a double block at Wlazły Cuprum they had match balls (24:20). The victory point was scored by a decisive attack by Ferens

MVP: Marcin Waliński

Cuprum Lubin – Trefl Gdańsk 3: 1
(18:25, 25:20, 25:22, 25:21)

Team lineups:
Cuprum: Waliński (22), Gunia (3), Ferens (11), Sekita, Kapica (17), Krage (8), Szymura (libero) and Maruszczyk, Gierżot (1) and Kaźmierczak
Club: Lipiński (14), Sasak (12), Kampa (1), Urbanowicz (10), Mika (5), Mordyl (8), Olenderek (libero) and Wlazły (6), Kozub, Reichert (2) and Łaba

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