Curly haircut Spring 2022: the Zendaya bob

Zendaya is to all intents and purposes a trend setter: everything she wears immediately becomes cool. The same fate falls to her beauty look, and in fact, her latest short bob has already been elected the medium curly cut of the summer. Her credit is due to her relaxed style, which allows her to wear everything with grace, interpreting her hairstyles in an always different way. Different lengths, with or without extensions, with central or side parting, soft and natural or set in a wet look: the actress constantly reinvents herself, giving always interesting style ideas.

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Her curly hair is soft, basically flat at the roots, for this reason, a short even cut on her makes the most of it, helping to find definition and body. And then it takes very little to change it: it is an excellent base for adding extra strands, both to leave free and to weave.

Curly hair like Zendaya? The bob is the answer

Minimalist styling is definitely the extra weapon to always get a look relaxed and fresh like that of Zendaya, who loves to play with her hair without forgetting their nature and indeed, being very proud of it. She is a perfect example of a young woman aware of her characteristics and how to best enhance them: afro curls to be beautiful need a lot of care and the right hairstyle, then giving a lot of satisfaction, as happens to the American actress. So if you also have curly hair, don’t be afraid to upgrade to a helmet, especially if your hair is fine: you might find the voluminous and cool solution you were looking for. Hairstylist Cristiano Filippini confirms this: “With this cut Zendaya breaks the rather widespread idea that a bob is not suitable for a curly, frizzy or wavy texture. It is, in fact, a false belief that it is suitable and functional. only for smooth women or women with not very voluminous hair: if well structured and thought out, even the movement given by a Mediterranean hair becomes very intriguing “.

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What is the secret to a perfect curly bob?

“The important is distribute volumes well and understand that probably in the area of ​​the perimeter we will have a concentration of movement. Here it is necessary to intervene by supporting the type of hedgehog “.

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“I like the idea of ​​being able to offer such a look to women who they love to dry their hair naturally and as a result they seek volume and body. Not to be proposed, however, on a rounded face: it is better to make it on oval or slightly elongated morphologies “.

A styling tip?

“The curly bob is excellent for those who usually dry their hair with the diffuser or even for those who, especially in the hot season, love the natural crease that dries in the sun and in the wind, especially at the sea, where the brackish air gives unmatched definition“.

Cristiano Filippini, founder of [#1]HAIRLAB, hairstylist since 1996: “I have always focused everything on updating, new trends and advice to the final client, based on morphology, complexion and respect for the hair and its portability”. You can also find it on Instagram as @ cri.filippini.

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