Customize the Windows 11 Start Menu as needed. Also with folders

The Start menu in Windows 11 is not perfect, and the lack of space and additional options for personalizing icons certainly affects some users. Fortunately, this can be easily changed.

Not everyone was satisfied with the Start Menu in Windows 10 because of the tiles, so Microsoft returned to the usual shortcuts in Windows 11. This solution does not quite suit me, because by opening the Start Menu I was able to quickly look at the weather forecast, the latest news and just received e-mails to run the desired program a moment later. Now the Start Menu only offers 18 shortcuts without scrolling (3×6 grid), and below it displays recently used files, which in my case is a waste of space as I never use them. If only it was possible to get rid of them, instead of minimizing the number (which will be introduced in one of the upcoming updates for Windows 11 soon) …

Start 11 by Stardock expands the Start Menu in Windows 11

Stardock is not the first time saving our skin, because previously their applications allowed for significant modifications to the Start Menu in earlier editions of Windows. This time, the supported functions include, among others, folder support inside the Start Menu, where you can drag icons directly from other locations while holding down the Shift key. This way you can organize the space much better and arrange shortcuts. In addition, the application by Stardock allows you to create Start Menu layouts and juggle them freely, change the position of the taskbar, restore the context menu on the taskbar and add an extensive search engine.

Of course, there have always been programs that allow you to edit, modify and personalize operating systems to a greater extent, but I can hardly resist the impression that in the case of Windows 11 such solutions are more popular. While I was able to adapt to some extent to what Microsoft’s vision was proposed in Windows 7 and its predecessors, as well as in Windows 8 (.1) and Windows 10, the rather limited room for maneuver in Windows 11 does not benefit my daily use from computer. You cannot pin shortcuts to the taskbar endlessly, scroll through grids with icons in the Start Menu, and the “Featured” section should only be optional. In fact, I don’t know anyone who has found the files suggested by the system useful.

What will Microsoft do? Windows 11 needs a few changes

The question is what Microsoft will do with all of this. Because although Start 11 (price from PLN 30.99) and other applications will certainly continue to arise and fill gaps and create new possibilities for customizing the system to your needs, Windows 11 and its possible successors should not become even less configurable platforms. We know that in some respects Windows could or should come close to macOS (and vice versa), but its great strength has always been its openness and multitude of options and functions. Even if we speak just on the degree of personalization of the interface that hundreds of millions of users around the world interact with.

Microsoft is preparing a real change in the appearance of the application for Windows 11 this year and will certainly not rest on it. The company will strive to harmonize the interface and create an ecosystem that will finally break with the existing anchors in the form of the Control Panel or other elements from decades ago. As you can see, this is not feasible in one big update that was Windows 11.

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