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The alarm came yesterday, Saturday 5 March. An alarm concerning Italy, which ended in viewfinder of Russia following the sanctions also approved by our country for the invasion and aggression of Ukraine. In fact, it has been learned that we are in the crosshairs of the Moscow hackers who today, Sunday 6 March, could hit some targets in our country.

Ukraine, parading against NATO?  No, we must take sides to bring down Vladimir Putin

In fact, Sunday is an auspicious day for cyber pirates since, being a rest day, the defenses are less high: there are simply fewer technicians at work in the defense services of sites, institutions, portals and all sensitive targets.

The Csirt, Computer Security Incident Response Team, has made it known that in these hours “cyber attacks from Russia and Eastern countries are expected to be addressed on a large scale also towards Italy, probably by virtue of the humanitarian aid that is being implemented”. Specifically, the goal would be healthcare companies and hospitals“a very sensitive target”.

In short, Putin is ready to attack Italian hospitals, at least according to the alert released by Csirt, which emphasizes the need “to raise security levels to the maximum, asking your company representatives and suppliers to monitor systems in real time. safety. Maximum attention to e-mail, antivirus, to the sites exposed to the outside. Unfortunately, these too are war actions “, they conclude.

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