Cyberpunk 2077, an Unpatched Version Has All Content Cut

Cyberpunk 2077 has been available again on PlayStation Store for about two weeks, after a long period of absence that started immediately after the release.

The ambitious action RPG from CD Projekt RED has been consistently supported in the post-launch period, and now a player has decided to check out the “original” game, without any patches.

The return to the Sony store has allowed the title to sell a greater number of physical copies than in the past as if its presence on the digital shelves had triggered a sort of confidence boost.

The same Polish software house said it was satisfied with the stability achieved so far, and aware of the numerous efforts made to make the product more playable than what has been seen in recent months.

The YouTuber Tyler McVicker decided to take a look at the game by uninstalling patches and updates and disconnecting from the internet, finding himself in front of an actually different product.

The differences concern the interface, the menus but also a series of characters including the sellers, who in this build tended to go around the city, as suggested by some icons on the map.

A map that presents some changes, which can also be found in the customization of weapons and in the perk system, as discovered by the user, who dedicated the following video to his “experiment” (via GamesRadar + ):

McVicker specified that ” the version of  Cyberpunk 2077  present on physical copies dates back to September 2020, only two months before the release of the game “.

” Over the last, turbulent months before the release, explains the YouTuber in the video, “a lot of content was removed at the last minute to make the game run on old-gen consoles “.

In conclusion, McVicker made it clear that, following his method, ” anyone can play this version, even now ” and invited fans to join him to find all the differences.

After returning to the store, CD Projekt has openly recommended playing the title on PS4 Pro and PS5, to try to stem some unresolved problems.

In fact, on PS4 the game is still very bare, a compromise due to the desire to reach 30fps (but with many sacrifices).

Meanwhile, someone continues to have fun with Cyberpunk 2077 by discovering new bugs and glitches of all kinds. The last of these concerns scrap, which can be driven (even if it doesn’t have wheels).

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