Cyberpunk 2077 in the latest Xbox Cloud Gaming ad

A few days ago Xbox enabled another opportunity to play games from his library Game Pass. We are talking about cloud gaming, which is to revolutionize the way players consume content. Games can be played without downloading to disk. You will need a fast connection and – of course – a subscription.

On this occasion, Microsoft has prepared a special advertisement, during which we can learn the greatest advantages of playing in the cloud. There are a lot of excerpts from the games on the film that we can play now or will play in the near future (Hello: Infinite). One of them caught the user’s attention Reddit. I am talking about the 18 second video, during which you can see a fragment of the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. This is the one in which the action takes place in the Badlands desert and the hero shoots several robots with his revolver.

Whether Xbox and CD Projekt RED are they preparing a surprise for us and CP2077 will soon be available for subscription? It is unlikely that part of the shooting would have landed in an ad by mistake. It could have too many consequences. Possible scenarios are that the CDP will allow the game to be temporarily added to the subscription before the release of the next-gen patch or the game will go there as soon as it is released, even though on Twitter the PR director of CD Projekt RED has officially denied this information.

You suspect most of the players that you were supposed to test Cyberpunk 2077, she has already done so and interest in the game is declining. Just look at the statistics Steam. About 9.5 thousand people played it in the last 24 hours. players. As a reminder – the average for December 2020 was at the level of 332 thousand, in January 2021 the number decreased to about 82 thousand. Adding a game to Game Pass it could therefore give her a second life as well as a chance to improve her reputation. Let us remind you that the game has been collecting better and better ratings recently. The delay of the next-gen patch is also, contrary to appearances, good news.


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