Cyril Faraud unrecognizable in Fort Boyard, host changed to Ken

© Cyril Faraud in Fort Boyard unrecognizable, host changed to Ken

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The release of the film Barbie influenced many celebrities. In the latter, we find Cyril Faraud. To do so, the animator shared on Twitter his doll inspired by the blonde’s boyfriend. a publication linked to his character Cyril Gosbow in Fort Boyard.

Cyril Faraud: a surprising revelation on Twitter!

the film barbie Greta Gerwig’s film was a huge success soon after its release in theaters on July 19, 2023. Furthermore, the feature film is considered to be the best debut of the year in France. It is necessary to admit that this feat reached Cyril Feraud.

Sure enough, the Barbie movie has impressed many fans in recent times. As a reminder, we can see dua lipa and nicki minaj, On his part, Cyril Faraud was able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Indeed, Cyril Faraud made a surprising revelation on Twitter. The animator made a revelation about his character Cyril Gosbo in Fort Boyard. The viewers have surely seen it during the episode of the show this Saturday, July 22, 2023.

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According to Cyril Faraud, he was inspired by pretty blonde lover building his character. By the way, he has shown a nice box as proof in his post. “There are copies, and … there are originals,” he wrote in the caption.

A New Role for Animators at Fort Boyard

Cyril was a big fan of Farad Fort Boyard from a young age. Furthermore, this is one of the reasons that motivated her to pursue a career in television. Thus he decided to embody the character of Cyril Gosbo in the show in 2020.

Obviously, playing Cyril Gosbo is not easy for Cyril Feraud. as a reminder, it’s about being pulled from something unbearable Ken doll, Its purpose is to get on the nerves of the participants.

Thus, Cyril Faraud had to show courage to play his part. In fact, it is necessary 1h40 Makeup to get closer. Beyond that, there are still some small details that need to be implemented.

Cyril Faraud got this role in Fort Boyard not by chance. Furthermore, the construction of his character is a Original Quite accurate. And the least we can say is that the host was lucky.

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Cyril Faraud: Origin of the character at Fort Boyard!

According to history, father fores He has always been known for his passion for game shows. Thus, none of the Cyril Farad programs are missing. and especially Slime that airs on Forte. In the latter, participants are asked mostly desk and nonsensical questions. If the latter does not know the correct answer, they will face a penalty. The most famous is definitely the Slime Shower.

One Christmas Eve, Father Foras receives a life-size copy of his favorite Animator doll as a gift. After this once he joined Fort Boyard. At first this role was not successful. Which forced the show’s production to shelve it. But currently, he is back with Cyril Faraud. In addition, the film Barbie contributes to Kill,

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