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In her documentary, Georgina Rodriguez confessed that she went from selling luxury goods to using them. There have been changes that I never imagine I would have.

The name of Georgina Rodriguez began to sound in 2016. The year footballer Cristiano Ronaldo went public with his relationship with the Spaniard.

Over the years, the model has dramatically changed her physical figure, fully indulging in demanding exercise programs.

Before Georgina Rodríguez became internationally famous, she led a very quiet life. She was an employee of the Gucci store in Madrid, where she met Cristiano Ronaldo.

His physical appearance was understated compared to the image he currently finds himself in. Despite being a mom of two daughters, she has a toned and very well-worked body.

Her photos and public appearances showed a simple young woman, with casual makeup and a normal hairstyle. She was a lower-middle-class Georgina who didn’t like glamour, fashion, and the latest trends.

But everything turned in ways she never imagined. Today, she is the trendsetter, brands want her to be the model for new seasons, and she has been very successful in her endeavors.

When the press captured the first images of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Georgina, the model began to take care of her figure and change her style of dress.

She begins to have muscle mass and mark her curves in a remarkable way. He started using social media to show off his exercise routines and give health wellness tips.

Little by little, Georgina acquires notoriety in the press. The model and current businesswoman has had cosmetic touch-ups with non-invasive treatments to enhance her face the way she’s always wanted.

In this way, her figure has gradually changed and she is now almost unrecognizable compared to what she was when she was a simple employee of the Gucci brand.

Now the aforementioned brand is asking Cristiano’s girlfriend to advertise its products on social media and be the face of the campaign.

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