Czech Republic. The government declares a state of emergency due to the epidemic

According to the original intentions of the office of Andrej Babisz, the state of emergency was to apply from Saturday to Sunday midnight. Babish, however, considered that the current epidemic situation justifies accelerating it. In accordance with the law, the decision was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, which may cancel the government’s decision.

By declaring the previous two states of emergency, which lasted a total of 254 days in 2020 and 2021, the government restricted travel and exit from homes, and closed shops and schools.

This time the state of emergency will include, among others ban on drinking alcohol in public spaces and closing Christmas fairs. The traditional sale of Christmas trees and carps will be allowed. From 10 PM to 5 PM restaurants, cafes, pubs, discos and clubs will be closed.

It will be able to participate in cultural events, competitions of professional sportsmen and educational events up to 1,000 people who need to be vaccinated or have had COVID-19. At other mass events, such as social organization celebrations, social parties or balls, from On Friday 18th, a maximum of 100 people will be able to participate. Funerals can be organized without restrictions.

Doctors, nurses and other medical personnel from other hospitals, clinics and outpatient clinics will be able to work in covid wards. There was no obligation to work in hospitals for students of medical schools.

Prime Minister Babisz and Minister of Health Adam Vojtiech when presenting the new regulations, they called for vaccination against COVID-19.

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