Czech Republic: The government wants vaccinations to be compulsory for some professions

The catalog of professions whose representatives will have to undergo mandatory vaccinations has not yet been established. After the meeting of the Central Crisis Staff Jan Hamaczek, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior spoke about soldiers, policemen, employees of special services and firefighters. The obligation is also to apply to all health care workers and social services.

After Monday’s government meeting, Schillerova said that her ministry wanted to add customs officials to this list. The obligation is also to cover volunteer firefighters and all officers and external collaborators of the prison service.

The Minister of Finance emphasized that the draft regulation endorsed by the Ministry of Health is not yet ready, and the document is being discussed between individual ministries.

Schillerova said that one of the problems is the enforcement of a possible obligation. A penalty of up to 10 thousand zlotys is expected for not respecting him. crowns, i.e. over PLN 1,800, which can be applied multiple times. However, the regulation will not be able to affect the employment or grading of employees.

President Zeman, who attended the Visegrad Group summit in Budapest on Monday, stated that Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia should consider compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 as the only way out of the pandemic.

– All politicians are afraid to say that this is the only solution, because they would lose voters’ votes. I can afford it because I am ending my 10-year office – he added.

Zeman has been the president of the Czech Republic since 2013, his second term ends in March 2023.


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