Czech Republic. The government will consider introducing a state of emergency. Difficult situation in hospitals

Czech laboratories confirmed on Sunday 8,244 coronavirus infections. This is the Sunday’s highest increase in infections since the start of the pandemic. Less than five thousand COVID-19 patients are hospitalized. About 700 of them are in serious condition.

Slovakia, illustration photoSlovakia. Lockdown for the unvaccinated. Confusion with employee testing

Czech Republic. More and more patients in hospitals, the lack of medical personnel. They help the military

Although the Czech Minister of Health, Adam Vojtiech, argued on Friday that he did not see the need to introduce a state of emergency, on Monday (November 22) the government will deal with his application. The reason is the increasing number of patients in hospitals and the lack of medical personnel. Dozens of facilities already use the help of military medics in caring for the sick. A possible introduction of a state of emergency will make it possible to send medical students and students of medical schools to work in hospitals.

The previous state of emergency in the Czech Republic was introduced due to the pandemic on October 5 last year and has been extended several times. It ended on April 11.

Mateusz Morawiecki and Adam NiedzielskiFourth wave. There will be no new restrictions? “The authorities are taking it while you wait”

The Czech Republic introduced new restrictions

From November 22, additional restrictions for the unvaccinated apply in the Czech Republic. Such people do not have access to restaurants, cinemas, theaters and hotels. They will also not get to the hairdresser, swimming pool or football match. Until now, unvaccinated people could use these places on the basis of a negative test result certificate. However, the tests are no longer considered a covid certificate.

The restrictions will affect an estimated 2.5 million people who have not been vaccinated and are not covered by exceptions. The Czech Republic is also restoring (by the end of February) screening tests for coronavirus in workplaces – they will be carried out once a week. The vaccinated, healed, and those who have no contact with other people in their work are excluded. Tests will also take place in schools.

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