Daedalic Will Publish The Barotrauma Submarine Simulator

Two Finnish studios, Undertow Games and FakeFish, are working on the game, which was released by the famous German company Daedalic Entertainment. The developers intend to release Barotraumainto early Steam access in the spring of 2019, and now they are even more confident of success. After all, all issues of publishing and marketing will now deal with the publishing house, and developers can concentrate on improving the project. Daedalic will also prepare localization in other languages. Although so far their list has not been announced.
The game takes place on one of the moons of Jupiter. The planet is covered with ice, but under its layer lies an ocean full of life and secrets. Players will assume the role of the crew of a space submarine and explore Europe, fighting with its inhabitants or avoiding meeting with them, watching life support systems, doing crafts. It will depend on each player whether his expedition companions will survive or die. Although this may also be the goal.
In multiplayer modes can participate up to 16 players. How everything will happen can be seen in the new trailer. And visitors to the GDC and PAX East exhibitions will be able to experience the game.


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