Daemon X Machina

Let’s take a look at the ratings assigned by the international trade press to Daemon X Machina, the new Marvelous action game for Nintendo Switch.

Daemon X Machina has garnered mixed reviews in the first reviews published today by the international trade press. The votes assigned to the new game of Marvelous for Nintendo Switch in fact range from 5 to 9, for a total Metascore of 71.

In our review of Daemon X Machina, Marco Perri wrote: “Marvelous succeeded in the difficult mission of convincing the skeptics after that subdued presentation of E3 2018. Daemon x Machina enters a narrow and empty niche of competition with personality and strategy, managing to create a non-trivial plot and injecting action steroids into what eventually remains an arcade mech with lots of numbers to study and have fun with.

If it is true that the menu interface could be less cumbersome and chaotic, the customization of the mech gives satisfaction, as well as taking the pad in hand and accelerating by dancing in the air or on the ground, setting fire to dust or in clashes with the white weapon. Perhaps a glossary or encyclopedia to inform yourself about the setting would have been useful, but we hope it will be for the second episode. “

Below is a list of the votes assigned so far:

  • TheSixthAxis – 9/10
  • ScreenRant – 8/10
  • Switch Player – 8/10
  • Critical Hit – 7.5 / 10
  • God is a Geek – 7.5 / 10
  • Destructoid – 7/10
  • Nintendo Life – 7/10
  • Twinfinite – 7/10
  • My Nintendo News – 7/10
  • Nintendo Life 7/10
  • IGN – 7/10
  • Millenium – 6.4 / 10
  • Vandal – 6/10
  • VGX – 6/10
  • XGN – 5/10

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