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“As the founder of the company, which turns 50 today, I will keep a small stake in the group. It is a request that Carlyle made me, something that pleases me”

March 11, 2022

Lino Dainese on the phone confirms what the newspapers and Moto.it reported today, but specifies a detail that few know. The 2014 agreement stipulated that when Investcorp sold, also the share left to the founderthat is 20 per cent of the Dainese group, at the same time passed to the new subject.

But I keep a small share – he tells me – they asked me. By contract, I’m supposed to sell, but Carlyle offers me to stay with a small stake, as a founder. I just have to decide how much, and I will do it in these days. “

A right and proper tribute. And what about the side D-Lab? If I’m not mistaken, Investcorp had 20 percent and you eighty percent of the other company, also based in Vicenza, which you care a lot about: the one that deals with research on the application of D-Air

“That’s right, this is the breakdown today. E we will be meeting with Carlyle in the next few weeks, to understand how to best collaborate. We are working on the search for human protection, but we have certainly not neglected the bike, we have many patents … “

Lino Dainese points out to me that these days the Dainese turns fifty. The year of the foundation is that: 1972. The founder is happy that the results of the group have been important also in recent years, that the evaluation of the brand has grown. “They were consistent – he tells me – after all the roots were good”.

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