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Is called Dakota Cooke and is the new star of TikTok. The thirty-year-old American has become a real influencer. The girl declares herself non-binary, so much so that she decides to leave her long beard. Just so she – she says she – she feels “sexier than ever”. Dakota started seeing hair on her face as early as the age of 13, to the point of having to shave her every day. Alarmed, Dakota consulted doctors, who diagnosed her with hormonal problems: her adrenal glands produce excessive testosterone levels.

Remember Phaedrus of Big Brother?  Impressive physical metamorphosis: as it is today, unrecognizable |  Look

“When I hit puberty at 13, I started seeing a peach fuzz on the face which then became longer and darker – says Dakota al Daily Mail -. A family friend pointed this out to me, then my stepfather took me to the doctors to do the tests, and then took me to the hairdresser where I had my first ever waxing. “Then the nightmare: for ten years the thirty year old she “sank into a spiral of shame where I tried to hide my face in photos and waxed every week. It got to a point, when I started one of my first jobs, that I was shaving my face twice a day, once in the morning and then during the break because the hair was so visible and I was working in the makeup department where it wasn’t acceptable to be. nothing but a stereotypical woman “.

Hence the twist: “I was at a party with my friend, Sunshine, 35, and she was telling me all these wonderful stories about what it was like to work in the circus, and I loved the idea of ​​it all. be able to grow a beard and join you ‘, to which she replied,’ why not? ‘. At first I had a lot of anxiety about people’s gaze, but I got to a point where I decided not to worry about it anymore. ”From that day on, Dakota is always natural on social media too.

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