Dakota Johnson: Here Are Her Fitness Secrets (With The Experts)

D.Akota Johnson, 32, is ready for summer, with an ultra-toned physique forged from daily workouts with Hollywood’s most contested fitness experts.

After his latest film The lost daughter the actress shot a commercial for Gucci. Captured by the paparazzi in the middle of a shoot, she sports a super fit figure – without exaggeration – with the tank top miniskirt of skin that enhance arms and artfully carved legs.

Dakota Johnson

June 2022. The actress on the set of a commercial for Gucci.

The silhouette of the star is toned and above all harmonious, a goal that does not depend on chance. But from a precise lineup of daily workouts followed by renowned personal trainers.

Sex toys, from Dakota Johnson to Gwyneth Paltrow: all the stars who invest in pleasure

Sex toys, from Dakota Johnson to Gwyneth Paltrow: all the stars who invest in pleasure

The coach, scientist and nutritionist

Like many stars of Hollywoodalso the young companion of Chris Martin keeps fit thanks to the advice of highly coveted professional trainers who leave nothing to chance. Recently, to have firm and elongated muscles, trained with sports scientist, experienced nutritionist and strength training specialist Luke Worthington.

A discipline born at the time of “50 shades”

At 32, the actress is already a veteran of the fitnessa practice that intensified considerably at the time of the “50 shades” in which lingerie scenes abounded. Although she was in her early twenties at the time, the magazine reveals Good Housekeeping, even then she had relied on the advice of famous celebrity trainers such as Gunnar Peterson And Kacy Dukewith which he practiced mixed exercises between yoga and weights.

White dress

June 13, 2022. The actress at the premiere of the film “Cha Cha Real Smooth” during the Tribeca Festival. (Getty photo)

Another coach of his, hired to prepare for hot scenes with Jamie Dornan, it was Ramona Braganza, who made her start 30 minutes of daily training (5 days a week) with 5/10 minutes of treadmill. These were followed by exercises of dance, pilates And kickboxing.

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Another secret of this star is always impeccable nutrition even on the sets. “While she was making the film,” says Braganza “Dakota had a special catering service all to himself, with dishes specially designed by a Vancouver chef”.


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