Dakota Johnson: how she keeps fit between takes

If you have been overwhelmed by Dakota Johnson as the heroine Regency Anne Elliot, protagonist of the film Persuasion, based on Jane Austen’s novel (now available on Netflix), but even if you haven’t seen the film, you know well (at least since the time of the trilogy of 50 shades) that the daughter of Melanie Griffith and partner of Chris Martin has always sported a lean physique, harmonious and fit.

Dakota Johnson, her fit secrets

In fact, the 32-year-old star always appears at her best, in the spotlight or not, thanks to her daily workouts with Hollywood’s most sought-after fitness experts.

Among these Luke Worthington, fitness guru, expert nutritionist and strength training specialist: “Also for this latest film work, Dakota worked hard to achieve the two goals she had set for herself,” explained the personal trainer. “In the first place be in perfect shape for the film and secondly, enjoy the mental benefits that being consistent with the exercises during filming would bring them».

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Although the role in Persuasion in particular, it didn’t require a great physical transformation for Dakota Johnson – it was certainly not the metamorphosis of Lily James to impersonate Pamela Anderson – we all know that feeling confident in your own bodies makes you stronger. For this, Worthington established an 80-minute workout schedule, four times a week. “Dakota likes to get her heart rate up, so I had to come up with a custom workout schedule.”

Dakota Johnson is Anne Elliot in Persuasion. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2022NICK WALL/NETFLIX

Training for the movie

The personal trainer has established mini sessions for each workout, each dedicated to one body part, the upper, lower and one core exercise – with no rest between exercises. “In this way he exploited the venous shunt effect,” says he a American Vogue Worthington. The venous shunt effect occurs when the cardiovascular system works harder, as it has to move blood from the upper to the lower body, with exercises involving the different extremities of the body.

During the latter part of the workout, Johnson and Worthington focused specifically on the areas on which the actress wanted to work more, namely buttocks and abs.

Since Dakota, as already mentioned, likes to get her heart rate up, she also took up boxing. In addition, walking is essential and Johnson would walk home from the gym in about 40 minutes, regardless of the weather and how late it was. Great for the respiratory, digestive and lymphatic systems, walking is a simple exercise that is within everyone’s reach.

Finally, the Hollywood diva is Also watch out for nutrition: as told by his coach in 50 shades, Ramona Braganza, «while she was shooting the film, Dakota had a special catering service all to herself, with dishes designed ad hoc by a Vancouver chef».

In short, a true wellness perfectionist!

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