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If there was a prize for the fringe perfect, Dakota Johnsonwho has always been the healthy bearer of the casual chic curtain one, would win it every year.

We give thanks to the man behind this fringe

We don’t remember any frame, movie, event, or even click stolen from the actress where she doesn’t appear with the an enviable fringe, never out of place, always full-bodied, soft, artfully moved. And we all dream of having her like her, touching her eyebrows and those doll-like eyelashes, magnetic and always a la page. But who is behind this tricotic masterpiece? His name is Mark Townsend and it’s Dakota Johnson’s trusted hairstylist (and many other celebs) from the time of Fifty Shades of Gray: apparently between the two it was a mutual stroke of lightning. The American coiffeur was the creator of this sign of style so identifying for her diva, having made her understand that her fringe would be a winning style move on her. And she blindly trusted.

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From the first zac al tuft until today, Dakota (whom we now see engaged on the set of the film Madame Web, upcoming Spider-Man spin-off cinecomix) has never abandoned his hair look, composed of long brown hair, more or less dark if necessary, slightly scaled combined with Seventies-style curtain fringe. An absolutely trendy cut that is always up-to-date and which has also taken on its name over the years gringe (grown-out fringe) to indicate the fringe – fringe – frayed and long up to the eyebrows – grown out. Finding the ideal balance between glamour from the red carpet and a look with (really) low maintenance for real life (and that we love even more for this), Townsend interviewed by American Vogueexplained that he and Dakota want hair to “never overdone, just young and fresh,” while also remaining a firm believer that hair should move, rather than be stiff and painted.

How to get Dakota’s bangs

By the way, the hairstylist also revealed the tips for cutting and making the fringe most beautiful ever, Dakota’s curtain bang: «The real secret is to cut the fringe right in the center, at the base of the nose. And when it comes to length, the magic point is when the fringe falls between the eyebrows and eyelashes. Dakota has a classic curtain fringe that goes out to the sides: it runs from the base of the nose to the top of the cheekbone at the sides. Then I always use the thinning scissors and cut the bottom part of the fringe by half a centimeter».

While very little is needed to dry it: «You have to start with the fringe very wet by directing the hair dryer directly over the fringe and blowing it downwards, using only your fingers at the beginning and lifting the root a little. If you use a brush right away, you make the bangs too flat. When it’s dry, but not completely, we use the round brush to smooth it. After that, I hold the brush vertically (rather than horizontally) and wipe the sides of my face to create the curtain effect».

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