Dakota Johnson on viral video with Johnny Depp: “Please leave me out of this”

Dakota Johnson has spoken publicly about the viral video of her and Johnny Depp in which the actress appears to understand that the Blow star is a victim of violence.

Dakota Johnson recently opened about an old man video of a conversation between you and Johnny Depp which went viral as soon as the actor’s libel trial against Amber Heard attracted media attention around the world.

The clip in question, entitled “The EXACT moment Dakota Johnson realized Amber Heard was violent towards Johnny Depp“, shows the actress’s reaction to Depp’s bandaged middle finger, an injury that, according to the trial jury’s decision, was most likely caused by Heard.

The video garnered more than 4.1 million views and Dakota confirmed she saw it during a Vanity Fair interview: “I said to myself ‘For God’s sake, why? Why am I involved in this? I don’t even remember it. Please leave me out of this thing‘. “

I can’t believe people are watching the trial like it’s a TV show. Humans are so fucking weird. The internet is a wild place“continued Dakota Johnson, before revealing that she is not a fan of cancel culture and that there are things she has never said publicly for fear of losing her career:”The whole concept behind canceling a human is wrong … canceling a person as if it were a date. Everyone makes mistakes. Hurting other people, that’s not good. There are consequences for these actions. But the fact that people on Twitter decide if someone suddenly no longer exists is horrifying, heartbreaking, and wrong. I think it will pass. “

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