Dakota Johnson, the viral dance at the Coldplay concert

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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, increasingly in love and happy. As shown by the viral video in which the actress dances wildly under the Coldplay stage during a concert in Argentina. Getty photo

Woe to be seen together. If they didn’t occasionally name each other in some interview. Or on stage. Or people very close to them didn’t do it (like his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow). Well, if it weren’t for these things we wouldn’t even believe that anymore Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin they are a loving couple. Then, something happens, like a viral video on the Net. And we remember their love.

Dakota Johnson’s happy dance for Chris Martin

Coldplay are on tour. And a few days ago they sold out in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But among the thousands of people who flocked to see the concert, there was one fan more wild than the others. She that she danced like there was no tomorrow. By sharpening the view, in the video posted by one of the spectators, Dakota Johnson can easily be recognized. The girlfriend of the frontman of the English band, Chris Martin.

5 years of love

“We’ve been together for quite a while,” the actress commented in an interview last year. In fact, the two have been a steady couple for 5 years 8with some ups and downs). And she lives together in Malibu, in the house they bought. “We go out occasionally, but we both work so much that it’s nice to stay home and be intimate. Most of the parties take place at my house.’

Life as a supporter of Dakota Johnson

But it’s also true that, as she stated just a few months ago, when she’s not working Dakota follows the Coldplay tour. Just like she did in Argentina. On the dates resumed by the band after the lung infection that kept Chris Martin away from the stage for almost a month on peremptory medical orders.

Gwyneth Paltrow and daughter Apple (who is her mini-me) together in Manhattan: what a feeling!

Chris Martin’s declaration of love

And he is no less. This summer Chris Martin was with her on the film set Madame Weba sort of spin-off of the universe of Spider-Man of which Johnson is the protagonist. And then there are the declarations of love that he occasionally makes from the stage. Like that time in London, during a concert. When he addressed the audience dedicating a song to her. “This song is about my universe, and she’s here.”

And then they say romance is dead…


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