Daniel BBB20, makes a surprise revelation about the controversy, within the reality


Daniel BBB20 – TV Globo

The ex-member of the Big-Brother-Brazil-20the young man, Daniel, opened the game play on the albums within the set. Each region of the state has commented on a situation which has left users confused, and is still talked about, the fame of the one who was in the game.

Anyone who is a fan of the book in the reality tv show of the Globo tv Network, reminds us of that feeling of sudden for Daniel, in Evidence to the head of Novex. Well, in that case, a participant fell down on the baseline where it was, and it was for a time unconscious, and after that, he got up and walked out.

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On the web, the scene had an impact, and a lot of people were not understanding of the fact that he had passed out. On live journal Who is the ex-BBB and explained the situation.

“This is the day that I was very ill, and my heart sped up, gave him a crisis of anxiety as a very strong, and my head was throbbing, and I didn’t know what it is. I’ve always said that you wanted a test of strength, want to beat the record”, she told him to.

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He went on to explain: “I wasn’t going to pretend that I had fallen into. I don’t know what happened to you. But I do know that I was holding on to the Piece, I began to feel light-headed, talked to ‘the calm’, and I was down. I got up and saw that he was on the floor, and I was really pissed off. And that’s the night that you gave me in the crisis of anxiety.”

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Table of anxiety disorders the vineyard troubling for the participant, there is a time in the feedlot. “It has been a couple of days, maybe I was feeling it. When he rose from the couch and was kind of stunned it could be in the game. I was just in a box. I have never been so long in the same place with the same people,” revealed to the jury.



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