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Orlen fusion with Lotos. Paweł Kowal: Lech Kaczyński could not stand what they are doing

A few months ago, the media published revelations that black clouds were gathering over the Obajtek and he was at the exit from Orlen, because Jarosław Kaczyński himself was to be disappointed with it. The PiS president said in response that it was not true. – Daniel on the exit? There was not even such a moment – says a person from Nowogrodzka.

Nevertheless, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, Minister of State Assets, was skeptical of Obajtek. The same is true of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. People from the ruling camp told us that Sasin was afraid of the president of Orlen growing in strength – so much so that Sasin’s ministry would not be needed soon, because Obajtek would carry out so many mergers and acquisitions. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also tried to limit Obajtek’s influence behind the scenes.

The accusation against Obajtek on Nowogrodzka Street was that the promised merger between PKN Orlen and Lotos was delayed, although it was Obajtek’s main task in the chair of the president of the oil giant: creating a national energy champion.

President of the Polish Oil Concern Orlen Daniel Obajtek.Orlen takes over part of Lotos and shows who will buy the rest

This week, Obajtek in a fete atmosphere announced that the merger is becoming a fact, because it has managed to meet its conditions. And these were very tight. The European Commission, wishing to protect competition on the Polish fuel market, including ordered Orlen to sell 30 percent. shares in Rafineria Gdańska (compared to a very modern Europe) and sold 80 percent. Lotos fuel stations.

Shares in the Gdańsk Refinery are to be taken over by the Saudi group Saudi Aramco. In turn, the Hungarian concern MOL will take over about 400 Lotos petrol stations, and Orlen 44 MOL stations in Hungary and 41 in Slovakia. – This is a historic day for our economy. Market pressure requires us to transform and take quick, decisive steps. Only a strong subject can cope with it – boasted Obajtek.

More information from the policy on the Gazeta.pl home page.

Jacek Sasin appeared on the announcement of acquiring partners from Saudi Arabia (Saudi Aramco) and Hungary (MOL), but Mateusz Morawiecki was no longer there. Sasin drank cream – he knew that Nowogrodzka and personally President Jarosław Kaczyński wanted this merger, so wanting to be one of her fathers, he spoke at the feast and thanked Obajtkowo. But the fete – as we hear in PiS – could be embarrassing if it were not possible to attract an investor from Saudi Arabia.

As we learn, when looking for oil companies to take over shares in the Gdańsk Refinery, there was a high risk that no one except Hungarian MOL would be interested. And Hungarian capital is risky, because Hungarians – politically and in business – cooperate very closely with Russia. Today, the opposition directly accuses the ruling camp of having let not only Hungarians but Russians into the Polish fuel market.

One of the PiS politicians close to Nowogrodzka says: – There was a danger that the only people interested would be Hungarians and then it would not be sexy. The really important thing was that we had managed to raise capital from Saudi Arabia. The fact that Saudi Aramco was successfully persuaded to take over a stake in the refinery is a success. There were our efforts to bring them down.

The presence of capital from Saudi Arabia is presented as competition and forcing the Kremlin out of the oil market in Europe. Therefore, Daniel Obajtek celebrated especially representatives of the Arab company.

Thanks to the merger, the property has grown stronger. As we hear from one of the members of the government, Obajtek visits the prime minister’s office, where both PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki reside. However, while a year ago he functioned in the media – prompted by politicians from the ruling camp – as a potential successor to the prime minister, today our interlocutors speak in agreement. A member of the government: – Today there is no topic “Daniel for prime minister” any more. Another interlocutor from the ruling camp confirms: – “Daniel for prime minister”? There is no topic and it will not be any more.

Why? Because Obajtek, we hear in PiS, has a mortgage in the form of ambiguity and mass of publications about his private property. Nevertheless, she can feel safe in Orlen. One of the members of the government: – Daniel is sympathetic to Kaczyński. The president is convinced that Obajtek is up to the occasion and manages Orlen well.

Sasin also buried the war ax with Obajtek. – Sasin and Obajtek certainly did not make love, but they strategically have a common rival, Morawiecki – tells us the interlocutor close to the government.

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