Daphné Burki is coming out bi… Caroline Receveur gives news of her cancer…

August 8, 2023

Daphne Burki talks about her bisexuality

Daphne Burki took advantage of drag race, on France.tv Slash, to reveal his bisexuality. Indeed, in the sixth episode of the second season of the program dedicated to drag queens, a candidate, Sara Forever, pays tribute to Colette, which did not fail to touch Daphne Burki. “It touches me a lot that you chose her on the show. My middle name is Colette. I am a journalist, like her. Divorced, like her. Bisexual, like her. And so what,” she said. It is said !

Caroline Receveur shares news about her cancer treatment

Kanye West performs for the first time since his anti-Semitic remarks

Kanye West took his first steps on stage since his anti-Semitic remarks, and it was in the Circus Maximus, in Rome, that the rapper performed at the invitation of Travis Scott, who describes him as “the only human being on this fucking planet that has always walked by my side in everything and anything”.

The two musicians then launched into Praise GodThen Can’t Tell Me Nothing. According to the footage, Ye even forgot some lyrics to his songs. Since the time…

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