Dark Souls Nightfall takes time. The huge project will debut later

The creators of Dark Souls Nightfall confirmed the fatal news for players who believed that at the end of the year we would see an extensive project. The team behind the “unofficial sequel” of Dark Souls needs some time to fine-tune the content.

Dark Souls Nightfall was supposed to debut on December 21, i.e. a month before the premiere of the Elden Ring, but as you know, From Software delayed the premiere of the awaited adventure. The authors of the unofficial sequel to Dark Souls decided to make an identical move.

According to the current information, Dark Souls Nightfall will hit players on January 21st. This is not good news for players who hoped that they would get acquainted with the long-awaited offer at the end of the year.

Dark Souls Nightfall is basically a modification to Dark Souls, but is promoted as an “unofficial sequel” to From Software’s work. A group of fans has prepared a completely new story, previously unavailable bosses and even a completely new world map. The struggle in their project is a bit more dynamic than the position of the Japanese, but it is worth emphasizing that it is a really ambitious production that includes new monster designs, dialogues were recorded for NPCs and side quests were developed.

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