“Darkness I can see!” Breakdown at the Rakowa stadium during the match

An unusual situation in the match between Rakowa Częstochowa and Zagłębie Lubin. In about the 20th minute all the spotlights at the stadium in Częstochowa went out. For several minutes the fans sat in total darkness, and the only source of light was provided by their smartphones’ flashlights. The players went to the dressing room and are waiting for the game to resume. This is to be done after 45-60 minutes.

In about 20 minutes of the match between Raków Częstochowa and Zagłębie Lubin, the lights went out at the stadium. The players left the field and entered the dressing room, and the fans had to sit in the Egyptian darkness for several minutes.

At the beginning of the game, thermometers in Częstochowa showed only a degree above zero. It was also snowing a little. Such a power failure in Częstochowa happened for the second time. There was also no electricity in several districts of the city.

The Canal + journalist who was on the pitch talked with the PZPN delegate, who clearly stated that the meeting must simply be finished due to the lack of dates. The relationship is able to wait up to 45-60 minutes for the light. Interestingly, even the emergency power supply failed.

Twitter users, as always, are in shape on the occasion of such situations.

Internet users humorously turned the situation into a joke and explain that Dariusz Mioduski is behind everything. The president of Legia would cause a failure so that no one would realize that coach Marek Papszun was kidnapped.

21:00 UPDATE
Zagłębie Lubin informed on Twitter that the light on the stadium at ul. Limanowski came back. Unfortunately for the match itself, only for less than two minutes. Let us remind you that in the event of a break for more than an hour, the Zagłębie team deserves a forfeit.

21:15 UPDATE
The game resumed at 21:20 – exactly one hour late.

First with Russia away, then in the expected final at home with Sweden or the Czech Republic - this is the plan of the Polish representation in the World Cup 2022 play-offs.  Check out the best comments in the form of memes.

But luck. Memes after drawing rivals for Poland in the World Cup play-offs …


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