Darya Dugina, 007 USA: “Kiev is behind the murder”

US intelligence agencies believe that some sectors of the Kiev government “authorized” the attack of 20 August last in which Daria Dugina, daughter of the nationalist philosopher Alexander Dugin, was killed. This was revealed by the New York Times, according to which the attack would be an element of a clandestine campaign that the Americans fear could provoke a widening of the conflict.

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The United States “they did not take part in the attack, nor did they provide intelligence or other assistance“, says the intelligence, according to which they were not aware of the operation in advance, which they would have opposed if they had been consulted. So much so that later American officials” reprimanded “the Ukrainians.

The hitherto confidential assessment of Ukrainian complicity was shared within the US government last week. Ukraine has always denied its involvement in the Dugina murder, and Kiev officials denied it again when questioned about the US intelligence assessment. The New York Times points out, therefore, that Americans are frustrated by Ukraine’s lack of transparency about its military and clandestine plans, especially on Russian soil.

While the Pentagon and spy agencies have shared sensitive battlefield information with Ukrainians, helping them locate Russian command posts, supply lines and other key targets, Ukrainians have not always told American officials what they intend to do. , continues the newspaper. Washington administration officials did not disclose which elements of the Kiev government are believed to have authorized the mission, who carried out the attack, or whether President Volodymyr Zelensky approved the mission.

For the attack on August 20 in Moscow, Russia openly accused Kiev, arguing that the explosion of the car in which the woman was traveling was caused by a bomb detonated by a Ukrainian agent who fled to Estonia.

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