“Daughter of art and grateful to be, but I worked hard”

We will soon see her in The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson as the magnetic Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, but Zoë Kravitz is often remembered also and above all for being the daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. And now the actress tells how she feels to be “daughter of art” in the field of entertainment.

Just like John David Washington, Scott Eastwood and many of his other colleagues, Zoë Kravitz she followed in her parents’ footsteps and entered the world of entertainment, but if you think that being the children of famous artists is a piece of cake, well, maybe you should also reflect on the disadvantages of it, because there are some.

There was a bit of an embarrassment when it came to my last name. When I got a role, people always assumed it was because of my parents. It was hard” said the actress of The Batman, while admitting that she still recognizes the position of advantage from which she started when she took her first steps in the world of acting “But I’ve been incredibly privileged. I got an agent very easily. I’m not going to pretend it didn’t help me get into the field. But I also always have to remember that I’ve worked hard to be where I am, and as a child I used to do shows at my grandparents’ house. And all of this had nothing to do with who my parents were, but with the fact that I loved performing“.

I wanted to prove not only to the world but to myself that I deserved to have a place in this industry. I am proud of my origins. And it’s nice that now, when they ask me about my parents now, I no longer react by saying ‘Let’s avoid this topic’. Now I say ‘They’re great. I am grateful to be their daughter. But I am also myself, a human being in itself’“.

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