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David Fincher is one of the most famous and respected contemporary directors in the world. In this article, we present the path to fame and the profile of the artist who is the famous David Fincher. You can find the videos you need to know in the list below. We invite!

David Fincher – the most important information about the director

David Fincher was born August 28, 1962 in Denver. As he admitted in interviews, his the fascination with directing and cinema began in childhood. As a little boy, Fincher saw a documentary about making a western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He was shocked that the filming was taking so long and that all the scenes were not real-time, chronologically, and all at once.

As a teenager, he became a high school student Ashland High Schooland after its completion he made extra money in restaurants. He was constantly developing as a director, trying his hand at creating theater plays. He explored the knowledge of cinema, watched tons of movies and managed to stay assistant at the local TV station. He received his first serious job in 1983 at John Korty’s studio. He has worked in many places, and more in the 1980s he managed to direct the first music videos, commercials and documentary production. During his career, he created clips for songs such as Madonna, Michael Jackson or The Rolling Stones.

David Fincher on the set of the movie Alien 3 covering main actress Sigourney Weaver | Source: Collider.com

His directorial debut in the fictional film he was Alien 3 With 1992she met with a lot of criticism. The director moved away from directing films for a moment, but in 1995 he created one of his most outstanding productions, i.e. Seven. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt starred there. Then they arose Game and Underground circle.

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After 2000, Fincher’s career began on a relentless streak of success. It was then that films such as Refuge, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button if Zodiac. In the meantime, Fincher was also a producer of other titles, and in later years he also started working on serials, for example House of Cards. In 2020, the director signed contract with representatives of Netflix. The deal is that Fincher for the next four years he will create productions only for the streaming giant. The first film the director made for the platform was black and white Mank from 2020.

Most Popular Movies Directed by David Fincher

David Fincher is definitely one of those directors who, instead of the quantity, focuses on the quality of its productions. No wonder then that the vast majority of his films have found fans all over the world. We have prepared below a list of titles that you must know.

Seven (1995) – on the path of cardinal sins

Seven it’s just Fincher’s second feature film, but that was enough to make it happen an international classic. The 1995 production tells a story about two detectives, newcomer David, and veteran William, who join forces to get a serial killer. The criminal in his actions is guided by the motive of the seven deadly sins. Despite the differences in characters, detectives must do everything to stop the psychopath from murdering more. They starred in the film Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. Apart from them, you can also see Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey on the screen. Andrew Kevin Walker is responsible for the script.

Game (1997) – no more monotony of life

The authors of the script for Games Fincher’s are John Brancato and Michael Ferris. Michael Douglas starred in the thriller. He played the role of Nicholas Van Orton, a middle-aged man who as a birthday present, he is invited to a mystery game. It is supposed to change a rich man’s life, which is uniform and bland. Due to the boredom of everyday life, the hero accepts the invitation to the game and everything around him changes rapidly. From now on, instead of monotonous, it feels constant danger and tension. Though the story begins innocently, it is Nicholas who quickly realizes that it is difficult for him to find the border between reality and gameplay elements. What was supposed to change his life for the better turns out to be a struggle for survival.

Underground circle (1999) – More Than a Fight

It would seem that Fight Club needs no introduction, but there are sure to be people who haven’t seen this psychological thriller yet with an excellent cast. He played the role of the narrator and one of the main characters in the production Edward Norton. On the screen, he is accompanied by, among others Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, and Helena Bonham Carter. The narrator is a man suffering from insomnia who begins attending support group meetings. There he meets the anarchist Tyler (Pitt). Men are opposites of each other – the character of Norton is a guy absorbed in work, enjoying a high social position. Tyler is a typical rebel who suddenly loses his apartment. Then the heroes they live togetherand a strong relationship develops between them. They decide to set up the title one together “Underground circle”, that is, the place where fist fights take place. Soon the club gains a dangerous momentum.

Zodiac (2007) – the story of a real murderer

In 2007, Fincher’s film debuted, the plot of which was created based on real events. The production tells the story of famous american murderer, The Zodiac that operated at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. He pleaded guilty to murdering dozens of people. In the film, we follow the fate of Robert Graysmith, in whose role he played Jake Gyllenhaal. The man tries to identify the murderer, the sender secret letters to the police and journalists. In addition to Gyllenhaal, the film includes, among others Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and John Carroll Lynch. The history of the Zodiac, despite the passage of time, fascinates people all over the world. This puzzle has never been fully resolved.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) – a story about time flowing the other way around

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a production that was created based on a short story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The movie with Brad Pitt in the lead role tells about a man who he was born with the body of an old man, and he grows younger over the years. The story is presented as read from Button’s diary. A woman who was watching over her dying mother’s bedside took the reading. In the cult production, apart from Brad Pitt, there are e.g. Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and Elle Fanning. The film won as much as ten nominations for the Oscars, and he won the award in three categories – Best Makeup, Best Special Effects, and Best Set Design.

missing girl (2014) – a marital mystery

In 2014, the film had its premiere based on the book by Gillian Flynn. The writer was also responsible for the production script. missing girl it’s history about a man whose wife is missing on their wedding anniversary. The marriage was not going through the best period, so suspicions in the case quickly fell on the main character. Nick Dunne decides to prove that he is not responsible for the disappearance of his wife Amy. He is in the lead role Ben Affleckand he plays the role of his partner Rosamund Pike.

Director’s participation in creating the series Mindhunter

Mindhunter this Netflix’s crime series from 2017. Arose based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. David Fincher is the director of some episodes from both the first and the second season and the showrunner of the production. Title resembles a bit Zodiac and Seven. It tells about two FBI agents who try to unravel them using behavioral analysis unexplained crimes. For this reason they run long conversations with prisonersincluding brutal murderers.

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At least both seasons Mindhunter are very qualitative productions, this they did not gain the popularity expected by the creators. Due to this, work on the third season was delayed, and in 2020 David Fincher admitted that he doesn’t know if it would make sense to create a continuation. He abandoned work on the series in favor of a film Mank and other titles created under the contract signed with Netfliks. Production Mindhunter required huge financial outlaysand it was difficult for the demanding director to find collaborators who would meet his expectations. The director, although he is not involved in the series yet, does not rule out a return to the project in a few years. In 2021, it was reported that Netflix representatives and David Fincher were even running preliminary talks on the resumption of the series.

The Killer – new movie with Michael Fassbender

One of David Fincher’s upcoming productions is The Killer. As a result of the contract, the film will of course debut on the Netflix platform, and its premiere is scheduled for 2022 or even 2023. The screenplay is by Andrew Kevin Walker, who also wrote Seven Fincher. The Killer arises based on a graphic novel by Alexis Nolent. The title killer will be played by a film known from such productions as Macbeth, Enslaved. 12 Years a Slave if Inglourious bastards Michael Fassbender. It is also known that he will appear in the film outside of it Tilda Swinton (We need to talk about Kevin, Doctor Strange). The Killer will tell about a contract killerwho is going through emotional breakdown related to his actions while his clients continue to demand more murders.

David Fincher is an outstanding creatorwhose films have been highly appreciated for decades, and cinema fans are constantly waiting for his new productions. About movies like Seven, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button if Underground circle probably heard by everyone who is even a little interested in cinematography. Let me know in the comment, which David Fincher movie is your favorite.

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