David LaChapelle on show at Deodato Arte Gallery in Milan

After a semester at the Mudec in Milan with the personal David LaChapelle. I Believe in Miracles who has investigated the human soul in its folds made of pain, loneliness, joy, passion and ideals, the living artist among the most influential in the world arrives with 26 works on display at the Deodato Arte Gallery in via Nerino 1.

A visual tale of impact that narrates the very personal vision of the photographer, born in Connecticut in 1963, who became a friend of Andy Warhol in the golden years of Pop Art and author of the iconic covers for the magazine Interviewsfounded by the same Warhol.

Loved by the stars who compete to appear in important international magazines portrayed by his original photographic genre, similar to a pictorial work with bright colors and dreamlike compositions.

Defined as “the Fellini of photography», David LaChapelle has a style that can be traced back to the Baroque, revisited with marked irony and a clear vision of contemporary society, so much so that in 1991 the New York Times he ventured: «LaChapelle it will surely affect the work of a generation in the same way that Richard Avedon he pioneered what is familiar today.”

His authority over the years has been so important and discussed that even the master of fashion photography Richard Avedon declared that in the surreal shots of LaChapelle there was all the potential to be «the Magritte of its kind”.

«I love to create through the use of imagination, transforming my dreams into images» declares the photographersignatory of the extraordinary portraits, theatrical and cinematographic works of celebrities and culture, still lifes and subjects inspired by faith, bringing together entire generations, passionate and curious to meet him, as well as collectors and professionals in the art sector.

“I feel a responsibility to bring light into the world and create images that can uplift and serve humanity, including by employing drama and humor. Whether secular or religious, my photographs are part of my experience and an evolving perspective» concludes the artist in front of the exciting diversity of themes present in the exhibition that highlight her ability to create stimulating narratives, symbols and archetypes of the our time.

In numerous shots, the criticism and denunciation of the American Dream is recurrent, i.e. the myth that judges material well-being as the only measure of success and happiness, achievable with commitment and hard work.

A famous shot – Death by Hamburger – photograph a girl crushed by a giant inflatable hamburger.

The list of celebrities he photographed over time is endless, they remember Courtney Love, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, River Phoenix, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo Dicaprio, Uma Thurman, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Travis Scott, Hillary Clinton, David Beckham And Whitney Houston.

Even the quotations of Christian myths, religious icons and biblical scenes, reproposed in an irreverent and modern key, become his pop reinterpretation of a society based on consumerism.

I never tame in experimenting, LaChapelle he has managed to embrace art in all its forms, starting from a career as a fashion photographer and then also building a reputation in film and theater, as well as being an in-demand producer of music videos.

The same Deodatus Salafiafounder of the Deodato Arte Gallery, personal collector of the works of DavidLaChapelle, followed the project for organizing this exhibition: «I wanted to personally participate in the curation and selection of the works of this artist, of which I am a collector myself. I want to offer customers who come to us the opportunity to purchase particularly significant works by him. It is an honor to have in the gallery an international artist of this magnitude, who not only changed the rules of photography forever, but whose images have been exhibited over the last 30 years in the world’s most eminent institutions, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London , the Musée d’Orsay in Paris and the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC».

Deodato Arte, a brand that includes galleries with offices in Milan, Rome, Porto Cervo, Chia, Pietrasanta, Courmayeur, Brussels and St. Moritz, has been offering internationally renowned modern and contemporary artists since 2010, including Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Banksy, Romero Britto, Takashi Murakami, Mr. Brainwashall with a strong focus on Pop, Street and Urban culture.

David LaChapelle, After the Deluge, Statue, Los Angeles, 2007

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