David Letterman’s new guests

David Letterman returns to Netflix with No introduction needed 4. Here are the guests interviewed by the famous comedian and host.

Six episodes for No Introductions 4, streaming on Netflix from May 20. David Letterman offers six interviews with celebrities and below we tell you who they are and what to expect from these chats.

Will Smith by David Letterman

Will Smith gets naked in front of David Letterman. The man who slapped Hollywood ice cream, only to receive a standing ovation shortly afterwards for the Oscar for Best Actor, will not talk about what happened with Chris Rock. He couldn’t do it, after all, since the interview was recorded before that event. What could he talk about? It could all start with his autobiography.

Billie Eilish by David Letterman

Since the interview was recorded, Billie Eilish has won an Oscar for the song that is the soundtrack of No Time To Die, the latest film in the James Bond saga starring Daniel Craig. The singer is unaware of it, of course, at the time of the chat recorded for Netflix. So you will talk about something else and we know that you will have fun doing Go-Karting with the conductor. You may have the opportunity to talk about the two phases of her career, which correspond to very distinct periods in her life. What has changed in you over the years? Who were you when your name became famous and who do you think you are today?

Ryan Reynolds by David Letterman

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most active and popular actors in Hollywood. We will find out more about his life, maybe about how it has changed since he met Blake Lively. As he himself has explained in the past, he believed he could be nothing more than a nice uncle. Instead, he turned into a caring father.

Cardi B by David Letterman

In the course of her interview, Cardi B explained what one of her primary goals is. She has always expressed her thoughts on various issues, even when she was a stripper and certainly not globally famous. About her It is her intention to shed some light on things that her followers may not know. She has never been afraid to speak out and choose a side.

Kevin Durant by David Letterman

The pivotal topic of Kevin Durant’s interview is marijuana. The NBA star is active in this arena and it is his intention to fight to change the narrative related to this topic. How marijuana is viewed in society, the bias associated with it and the common belief that marijuana should have nothing to do with athletes.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus by David Letterman

No previews of the interview with Julia Louis-Dreyfus have been released, which could talk about her own artistic path, about how as a woman she managed to make her way into a predominantly male business like that of comedy, especially in her time. From Saturday Night Live in Seinfeld, up to Veep, a dream career, full of talent and sweat.

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