Davinson, Sinisterra, Davis EFL Cup Eliminated

Not the best start to the season for some Colombian players in England. Davinson Sanchez wins first title of the year Missed the penalty that meant Tottenham’s exit against Fulham in the EFL Cup second round. Meanwhile, Luis Sinisterra put in a good performance for Leeds. Didn’t beat Salford City and dropped another 12th.Davis Vazquez came off in the team’s loss England 3rd Division match against Mansfield.

Davison had a difficult night at Craven Cottage.The defender appeared to lack precision at first I had a problem when playing against a rival attacker in a 1v1 duel. The lack of rhythm took its toll on him, and he performed less than the best of the 90 minutes. In a penalty shootout, Melek Lodak saved a shot to secure Fulham’s place in the EFL Cup third round.

Sinisterra and Davis, Regular starter for Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday, was a substitute in each game as the coach tried to film the player with less playing time.The winger has looked very active since joining And it used its speed to overflow, posing a danger to the Salford city area.. Despite their efforts, the match remained a draw, ending in a penalty shootout. Ashley converted the final charge and gave the local team the classification.

Jefferson Lerma, the only classified Colombian

The old Bournemouth have had a very good start to the season. Since arriving at Crystal Palace, Roy Hodgson has been a confident part of the English side’s eleven. The Colombian midfielder played the full 90 minutes in Crystal Palace’s 4-2 win over Plymouth in the second division..

“It allowed us to play with two players in the Doucour position, which helped us in many ways. A wider range,” the English manager said a few days ago, referring to Lerma’s role in the team. The midfielder has arrived at Crystal Palace as one of the main additions to reach his goal of qualifying for the European tournament next season.

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