Dawid Góra: It cannot be a coincidence. Alarm in Polish jumps [OPINIA]

The Poles lost the Battle of Nizhny Tagil. And it is a bit of a hassle. But the sports war continues. Michal Doleżal has a field to show that he is also a coach for a difficult time. The alarm must go up immediately.

Dawid Góra

Dawid Góra

Kamil Stoch

PAP / EPA / In the photo: Kamil Stoch

And it’s not about sudden movements, but thoughtful, wise decisions. Kamil Stoch said after Sunday’s competition that perhaps the reasons for the bad jumps should be found outside the hill. This mysterious statement does not have to indicate any deep problems of the leader of the Polish team, but in this way he could draw the coach’s attention to the area on which he should focus.

Two completely unsuccessful competitions in a row cannot be a coincidence. Something went wrong in the run-up period. After all, the problem affected not only one or two players, but all of them. Dawid Kubacki, who jumped in a non-tragic way on Saturday, was completely lost on Sunday. Similarly, Stoch. Piotr Żyła, who argued before the season that everything is fine, and that he is just waiting for competitions, is not able to win the top ten. Not to mention the fact that on Saturday he didn’t even make the final jump.

The tear that formed in Polish ski jumping between the best players and their possible successors meant that none of the representatives can, even for a moment, replace the world champions. This is a picture of what Polish jumps can look like after the end of their careers by titled Poles.

But now is not the time to think about it. Time to get back into shape with our best jumpers. If it doesn’t happen in Kuusamo, it won’t be a tragedy. But in Wisła, at their own facility, Poles should show themselves from a much better side. They can also benefit from the fact that they will host the World Cup competitions. Maybe this will allow them to get back in shape from before the season, at least rebuild the foundations.

And Doleżal has never had a better opportunity to prove that he is a coach in the full sense of the word. I’m not saying that he didn’t show it before, but getting the charges out of the crisis and continuing the good streak are two different things. The latter – much more difficult. If he succeeds, he will draw conclusions and gain recognition in the eyes of the entire ski jumping world. What if not? There are plenty of scenarios. Neither is optimistic. However, these are only the first two competitions of the season. It is too early to draw far-reaching conclusions.

But it’s not too early to act quickly in the staff. Especially that the statements of the players after the competition in Russia are downright depressing.

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