Days Gone

The new free Days Gone update, scheduled for September 13, 2019, will bring the New Game Plus mode and two new difficulty levels.

Bend Studio continues to support its Days Gone for PS4, as evidenced by the announcement of the next free update that will bring with it the New Game Plus and new levels of difficulty for the game.

The release date of the new free update is September 13, 2019, the day on which it will, therefore, be possible to enrich Days Gone with the New Game Plus mode, a game option repeatedly requested by the community that is therefore about to be realized.

With the New Game Plus, once the game is complete, it will be possible to retrace Days Gone using all the previously unlocked resources, such as weapons, skills, projects, collectibles, upgrades for the bike, trust and credits for the camps and trophies. The mode can be started from any save in which the “I will never give up” story has been completed.

Days Gone’s New Game Plus can be started at different levels of difficulty, including the two new ones that will be introduced with the same update, namely Difficult II and Survival II. The latter can still be applied to any game, not necessarily linked to the New Game Plus.

Difficult levels II Difficult II and Survival II and the New Game Plus will also be linked to new PS4 trophies which will also be added with the next update to Days Gone.

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