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Sunday in Serie A is only partially visible. The company justifies itself, but the consortium of clubs could take action to damage its image

Football and streaming, second act. If in the first year of broadcasting of all Serie A matches on Dazn (7 exclusively every Sunday) the access problems at the start of the championship were to be taken into account, yesterday the inefficiencies took the fans by surprise. Hungry for football even in August and under the umbrella – yesterday at 18.30 Fiorentina-Cremonese and Lazio-Bologna (also broadcast on Sky) were played – the subscribers of the app had unpleasant problems. Connected on smartphones or ipads, many Dazn customers have had problems connecting to the app also to attend at 8.45 pm in Salernitana-Rome and Spezia-Empoli.

“We’re sorry. An unexpected problem has occurred and our technicians are working to fix it. Please come back later »is the screen that most has presented itself. So, after the social protests, Dazn apologized through a statement in which she admitted that “a limited number of people have encountered problems accessing the platform” and being at work “to find a solution”. In practice, the inefficiencies would have manifested themselves not during the watching of the matches but rather during the access phase to the app and according to Dazn they also occurred in Spain, Germany and Japan.

So in the evening, to avoid further protests on the occasion of Salernitana-Roma and Spezia-Empoli, Dazn offered an alternative link to watch the match, while the match commentators apologized to the viewers. For the app, this is no small stumbling block considering the new prices introduced this season and the restrictions on sharing subscriptions.

In the turbulent evening, the leaders of the League had contact with the managers of Dazn who justified themselves by explaining that most of the spectators started the authentication procedures in the same minutes, hence the connection problems. For the League, the explanation is not considered exhaustive and evaluates a legal action for image damage.

The Democratic Party sent an urgent report to Agcom to ascertain any violations of the agreements on the quality of the signal. Carlo Calenda tweeted: “Fesseria remove the rights to Sky”. Matteo Salvini commented: «As a subscriber to Dazn I think the service they are offering sucks».

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