DAZN will no longer have the free trial month for each new account starting from October 2019, it says on the official website of the service.

Apparently, the famous offer with the first free trial month will no longer be made available by DAZN starting from October 2019.

There is no official announcement in this regard, but the question is explained quite clearly on the official website of the streaming video service, in which we read that “the first free month is a promotional offer valid until 06/10 / 2019 subject to the subscription of a DAZN subscription “.

This means, apparently, that starting from 6 October 2019 it will no longer be possible to access the free trial month with the new DAZN subscription. So far, in fact, it was enough to create an account to get a free first month to try the service, which undoubtedly led to the intensive exploitation of this system.

It is not excluded that the new organization given to DAZN also with the new agreement with Sky could have led to a revision of the offer, considering that the promotion with the first free month was functional to a substantial first enlargement of the user base, regardless by those who actually continued with the subscription or not. In any case, pending any developments on the matter, we report that the DAZN free month will cease to be offered from October 2019.

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