DAZN re-stakes the first: authentication systems in great crisis during Milan-Udinese

And nothing: a year has passed and the first championship for DAZN is still the same black beast. It will be due to the imbalance of users towards the holiday resorts, it will be because in fact it is the first real test bench of the resistance of the new systems (see for example the management of concurrency), the fact is that we are receiving several reports of inefficiencies on the first match Milan-Udinese.

Last year there was a general blockade of all systems right at the kick-off of Inter-Genoa, which returned shortly after. But it was enough to spark controversy on the day of the debut of the championship only in streaming.

Today’s problem seems less generalized but still widespread: we ourselves are not being able to see the game (and this is a single case that certainly does not make statistics); but it is striking that the error we encountered is the same one detected by many other users, not only Italians: even in Spain some users have reported the same disservice.

It is clearly, more than a bandwidth problem on streaming, an authentication problem: the connection starts and after a few seconds the signaling of a network error not better identified with the message “Something went wrong” is superimposed.

The beauty is that under the error report, until you click something, the streaming continues to go regularly and in high definition (even if semi-dark), proving that it is not a bandwidth problem but precisely of authentication.

If the user then clicks anything (or “Retry” or “Cancel”) the streaming stops and from there on you only see spinning wheels and error messages.

In some situations it is possible to return to the login screen (in 2022 the DAZN app is one of the latest that forces you to enter credentials from scratch every time) but the result does not change.

Only in the last minutes of the first half of the match, the problem seems to have returned. But certainly at this rate the resentment of users against the diffusion of Serie A in streaming cannot be included. The Zone DAZN channel on Sky may not be enough.

As we said more than a year ago, the use of other transmission methods becomes increasingly necessary: ​​a first step was taken with Sky. But not everyone is a Sky subscriber: the Tivusat platform is encrypted and ready to use, it is incomprehensible that DAZN does not rely on that too. Common sense suggests that the solution may come more from the diversification of transmission channels than from standardization towards a few modalities, especially if the main one is erratic streaming.

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